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May 1, 2015
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I am new to this iPhone forum. So just to introduce myself, I live in Ireland a little north of Dublin. I am relatively new to Apple, got an iPad Air last year and am still learning how to do everything on it as I would have been into Windows and Android for years. I currently don't have an iPhone, but plan on getting an iPhone 6 soon.

This all brings me to my current dilemma. I currently use Samsung S4 phone and I also use a call recorder (ACR). I need this as I spend a lot of time on the road and get calls where people are giving directions or contact details and with this I dont have to constantly stop and write down details as they are all recorded automaticaly.

My problem is that if I get a new iPhones, I dont see any suitable call recorders for IOS. There are some, but they either have to diall another number or are cloud based. Also none that I have looked at seem to be able to record details of the call i.e. number, or name if is in your contacts list, duration, date or won't allow the call list to searched or to be tagged with a note.

Does anyone know of any call recorder that might work with IOS or would jaibreaking it be of any use?

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks JA,

Have already looked at this app. The problem is that I would have to call another number first which will eat into your mobile plan. I would receive / make 50 + call per day so it would end up very expensive, especialy when you view the Android OS which has lots of good call recorders most of which are free.

Guess I will have to keep looking or hopefully someone can come up with a good suggestion.

Once again thanks