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bumper charging problem


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Aug 18, 2010
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I got my new bumper from the case program. Looks great, but I can't charge my phone with it on. It prevents the cable from making a solid connection. It beeps once, but doesn't stay connected. Very disappointing. A product design failure if you ask me.
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Did you get the black bumper? That's terrible! I got the clear incase and I don't have that problem.
Yes, I got the black one. The maddening part is that apple refused to do anything about it when I called them. Now THAT's bad.

I just hacked away at it with an exacto knife. Maybe this will suffice.
Yes. And I tried a couple of different stock apple chargers I have lying around (We have three iPhones in our household) and none worked. They all did exactly the same thing.
That sucks.. I have the black bumper from the program and the Apple charger that came with the phone works fine. My problem is with the at&t wall and car charger. I believe The hole at the bottom of the bumper needs to be wider on the sides for those
The cable that came with the 3GS and 4 will work fine. Older fatter ones will not

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Mine works fine with the black bumper. It didnt at first but I spread the cutout with my fingers by working the rubber. All has been good since.
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