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Brasso gadget care


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Aug 13, 2010
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Hi has any one used the new Brasso Gadget Care Cleaner on their iphone4 and if so what was the results ?
Regards Mike
Hi Landywood,

Yeah v-good in general. I have used it on lots of things (laptop, psp, TV) and an iphone.

What I liked about it was how it prevents static build up and reduces the ease with which fingerprints build up as well.

The best bit is how nice and clean it comes up and the really hygienic smell it leaves as well.

The thing I thought was imperfect however was the size of the cloth. Even with something as small as an iphone it is awkward. Remember those tiny wet-wipes? Well the cloth is a bit bigger than them but still not big enough to totally wrap the iphone for a thorough quick clean and to easily have enough dry cloth at the end to buff off the cleaner.

SO yes give it a go I think you will like it but have a nice big, really soft, lint free microfiber on hand instead of the default brasso one.

I brought one from a shop called screen-wipes.com but I have just checked and they are temporarily out of stock. They include an extra big cloth as well as the brasso one.

Hope that helps a bit
Thank EliteIntegrity Will give it a go
Regards Mike
Pleasure mike.

I am new here so unlikely to be able to help with technical stuff. However I am a bit of a freak at keeping my gadgets shiny and new looking so glad I could help.

Here is a link to the shop I got my brasso gadget care from and here is a video/review comparison on which-laptop.

All the best.