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bluetooth calls in car?


Jan 2, 2011
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i need to pair my iphone 4 to my car radio trough bluetooth like i do with my nokia but in apple case i was told the bluetooth feature only worked with apple ipod, ipad and other iphones (i tried it with my friend ipod and i couldnt pair) with bluetooth magic box app (a name like that).

basicly i want to answer phonecall handfree, by clicking on the incoming call button on my radio as i do with my nokia for the caller to blast trough my car speakers

are there special bluetooth kits to buy in order for the iphone to pass the call trough my radio speakers?
I use the parrot 9200 in car hands free kit this offers not only full hands free but also direct connect for allmost any phone. With the iPhone it uploads the address book and all songs, playlists to it's own LCD receiver which has a remote control to play next previous pause etc the sound uses a separate amp that is integrated with your in car system. Incoming Calls mute the radio, if using any gps on phone also mutes radio or music from iPhone. One can use blue tooth or direct for music, direct is clearer . The hands free is voice activated like " call home" etc. Yes the cost is higher but well worth the experience if you have an iPad you can connect to the parrot via blue tooth and play movies and games with full blown sound in the card. Cost installed Australia is $550 however I believe it is around $450 us in USA. Parrot also has smaller products that may suit individuals whom are on budgets. My advice is invest in the 9200 as it is a complete solution.
just wondering a thing i do with my ipod touch... i plug in a jack / jack cable between ipod headphones and radio aux in in order to listen to music so i ask ironicly:

can i do this with iphone 4 when i receive a call and listen to it trough the car speakers like i do with music? all i have to do is accept the call on iphone screen and ANY sound goes trough?
You need a blue tooth sound system either already installed and that integrates with existing system or something like the Parrot 9200 see above