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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by mahall, May 29, 2012.

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    Had my phone well over a year!! Can Apple replace the battery in my IPhone 4
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    Honestly I would head right over to, order an iPhone 4 battery, some screws(extra. Good to have), and whatever kind of screw driver you would need to take the bottom screws out.(I think its wise to order extra phillips screws with a $5 phillips screw driver + the screw driver you need to take the back panel off your phone)

    Changing the iPhone 4 batter is like ridiculously easy. I highly suggest you do it yourself. But if you want, you can spend thrice the amount of money for Apple to do. iFit uses geniun OEM parts, and they have a great reputation. S-W Box website also has a great rep but is UK based, but can still ship to the US if thats where you live.

    Apple will charge you about $90.00 for a replacement battery alone, plus whatver the labor costs........which i don't know, but its probably going to cost you around $150-$200 to get Apple to replace your battery.

    With iFixit, the same exact battery costs $24.95+screw driver.

    Pentalobe screw driver is $12.00 and phillips is $5.00.

    You most likely will need to 5 tipped pentalobe screwdriver the.

    It's a very simple and easy process. just watch a video, and try to wear latex gloves or something to keep oil from your skin off the connectors.

    So you can do it yourself for about $45-$50

    or you can pay Apple triple that, and send your phone away for a few days.

    Nothing to the battery except one connector and one screw. Literally impossible to mess it up........I mean unless you break the connector pr something. Just be

    Just watch a video at

    and you'll see just how easy it is.
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