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Battery Life Comparison?


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May 27, 2010
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How does the iPhone 6 battery life stack up against the iPhone 6 plus?
I can't compare those two but I can say the battery life on my iphone 6 is phenomenal! Not sure if it's the phone or iOS8. I gave my husband my 5s with iOS8 and the battery life seems to be much better!
The battery on the iph6 is very good compared to the iPhone 5s but remember that the battery on the iPhone 6 is bigger than the 5s and that could be why
Have to second that the battery on my 6 is amazing compared to my 5s

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The 6 plus within my household appears to hold up better than the 6.

The test conditions are not the same between the two phones. In our family we find the 6 plus screen to be brighter and can therefore have the screen brightness lowered.
The battery life on my iPhone 6 is definitely better then my old iPhone 5. I get at least an hour more of solid use.