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Battery App?


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Jun 27, 2010
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I'm trying to find a decent battery app. There are a ton out there, and I can't find one that really suits my needs. I had Meterberry (MeterBerry) on my blackberry, and that was the best I've seen.

Mainly I'm looking for an app that will give me a discharge rate, Battery log (So I can see how much of my battery I used in 15, 30, or 45 minute intervals so I can get an idea on what is draining my battery).. I've found tons of battery apps that just tell me how much time I have left to use it, but nothing to really show me my usage..

Is there any apps out there that have these features? I keep looking and still end up with the same results each time.
The main thing you havetoo think about with battery apps in the iphone is that they dont run in the background(yet). So you wont ever find one that truly keeps a running total unless you leave it open.
i battery meter is really good it shows us the usage in broad categories...
Battery Watch Pro keeps the log of your iPhone/iPad battery level and displays a graph with the battery levels in the past. Since it keeps the log, it predicts reliably the time until the battery will be empty.

You can zoom in on the battery level graph to see the span of 24 hours. This could help you to analyze what drained your battery.
I got a similar question: some battery app allege that they can "protect" iphone battery if I open it when charing, is that ture?
I got a similar question: some battery app allege that they can "protect" iphone battery if I open it when charing, is that ture?

iPhone (and other smart phones, I suppose) are smart also regarding the protection of the battery while charging. An iOS battery app cannot influence this. If a battery app claims to protect the battery while charging, and especially when it says that it does it also while iPhone is in the sleep mode, it is not right. There is no public API to do this and apps are not active while iPhone is in the sleep mode.

iDevices fast-charge the battery until about 80% to 90% and then they switch to trickle charge. Fast charge means that maximum current is fed to the battery. Trickle charge means that the current is gradually reduced to 0.

The charging view of Battery Watch Pro displays how battery level changes over time while charging. Both fast charge and trickle charge are visible there.

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