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GPS Location Logger (switch GPS on only at certain intervals) ?


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Mar 22, 2011
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have seen tens and tens of apps out there which will log my location, some through GPS (and as we know, that eats the battery), and some through Cell Towers (good on battery life, but sometimes very inaccurate!).

What i have been searcing for is an app which would log my location at intervals which I set. It needs to use the GPS (for accuracy), but it should ONLY switch the GPS on at the user defined intervals to save battery life.

So, for example, i would set the app running and set it to log my location every 10 minutes. So, every 10 minutes the app would switch on the GPS, and if the accuracy (set by the user) was better than say X metres then it would log my location and turn the GPS off until the next interval.

Obviously, it needs to be intelligent enough to figure that if i'm in a building and the GPS accuracy is very poor it doesn't keep the GPS switched on trying to find a signal. If it cannot get an accuracy within the user set limit, within say 30 seconds then it waits till the next user interval and tries again then.

Best of both worlds really because the accuracy would be good (using the GPS), and the battery life shouldn't be too bad as it only turns the GPS on at user definable intervals.

Is there such an app ??. I'm guessing not because i've been looking for months !

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