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baseband 02.10.04


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Nov 15, 2010
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Hi Every One,

What is the really true about this 4.2 launching? Are Geohot, Dev Team among others are really capable to unlock phones?

I have to take a decision. To return my phone to AT&T for full refund or not.

I have an AT&T account and got a new iPhone, however, I live in Brazil as well and need to get my iPhone working with a Brazilian Carrier for obvious reasons. I am in the point to return the iPhone to AT&T because it is useless for me while I am not in US.

What I have seen in the forums is just "vaporware", just rumors, such as: Limesn0w, Ultrasn0wn among others. Several sites trying to collect money from users promising things they never deliver. There are even false contact emails.

Apparently these software guys are only capable to unlock the phone when the OS become obsolete.
they they already but not released anything to public and wont do until after 4.2 when ever that is... if i where you i would take it back and go buy one factory unlocked...