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Barcode scan app - Help


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Jun 24, 2014
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Hi all,

I am an old iPhone user (3G), been personally using Android the past few years. However, my place of work requires me to find both an iPhone and Android app that can do the following:

1) Scan a barcode - as multiple barcodes could be in the field of view, this app will need to have a 'laser' or crosshairs through the middle of the screen so I can pin-point the particular barcode I am after
2) Scan batch/multiple barcodes
3) Send scanned barcodes in a list via email - either text in the email or as a CSV attachment

I've been through testing many apps already, none of which will let me scan a particular barcode out of many in the field of view. In addition, all I want to do is compile a list of numbers and send this list in an Email. I don't want to do a web search on numbers or anything like that.

There are many Android apps that can do this right from the start, this was the easy part, but I can't find anything close to this out of the 30 apps I've been through so far for iPhone.

Can anyone offer advice on such an app? Very simple requirements. There MUST be something. Any thoughts?

Have you looked at RedLaser? It might be what you are looking for.

Yes this was the first app I tried. It seemed to do MOST of what I wanted, but I couldn't pin-point a single barcode when there were multiples in the field of view.

The barcodes stickers I need to scan can have multiple codes very close to each other - I don't know which code the app will choose. Most Android apps I have tried have a red line through the middle of the screen so I could line up the code, and it would only capture that code and none of the other codes in view.

If Red Laser has this option and I missed it in the settings, then that'd be it, problem solved!

You may have tried an older version. RedLaser was redesigned from the ground up a while back. It has the target reticule you are describing so it may be worth another look.