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    Best deal of the week - Scan Pro will be free for limited time. Get it and enjoy now before price go up!

    ☆ Scan Pro - Find the lowest price for any product!
    Ever want to shop wiser? Scan Pro will be your best shopping companion.
    Just a fingertip away, low online prices and product details from a lot of retailers en route to you anytime, anywhere.
    You can check reviews of the goods you desire, save your favorite products for later purchase, or email links to share the product with your friends.
    It can not only scan barcodes, but also QR Codes which encode URLs, contact details, calendar events, emails, any kind of data!
    Stop paying more than you have to! The app pays for itself right after your first purchase. What a perfect shopping companion! Don't miss it!

    ☆ Features:
    ✔ Scan all types of commercial barcodes: UPC, EAN, ISBN etc.
    ✔ Search prices and product details from almost every major retailer like Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, BestBuy, Buy.com, etc.
    ✔ Scan QR Codes which encode texts, URLs, contact details, calendar events, emails, messages and map locations.
    ✔ Perform all the actions related to the QR scanned data without quitting the app.
    ✔ Beep to let you know scan succeed.
    ✔ Sort the barcode search results by price, by title or by last updated time.
    ✔ Directly type in the barcode instead of scanning.
    ✔ Buy online right in the app! Very convenient!
    ✔ Save your favorite products for future reference.
    ✔ Share app on Facebook and Twitter.
    ✔ Retina display support for iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch 4.

    Please visit printforte.liforte.com to download.

    Full list of supported printers available at print.liforte.com.

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