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Amazon App Now Comes With Barcode Scanner


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Jun 18, 2010
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Amazon has added a barcode scanner to the latest version of its Amazon for iPhone app, version 1.2.8. CNET reports that the scanner uses the iPhone’s camera to scan a product’s barcode, and will then search for a match for it on Amazon once scanned. You can then purchase the item right then and there after signing in to your account. Switched, which also covered the story, points out that the in-app barcode scanner will be particularly useful for those times when you’re out and about shopping and are wondering if an item you’ve seen in a store would be cheaper on Amazon. Before, you would have had to wait until you got home and checked the product on your computer, and run the risk that the item in question might not still be in the store when you went back. Now, you can simply scan in the item’s barcode while you're still in the store, and get an instant result from Amazon on the spot. Great idea! Unfortunately only iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners can take advantage of it, but if you happen to fall into that category, you can download the free app here.

Source: CNET, Switched
This sounds like google googles works actually the same