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Automatically synching my contacts, etc. with iCloud


Oct 29, 2014
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As I understand, if I download iCloud Drive, all of the changes I make in Outlook or on my iPhone will automatically be updated. However, according to iCloud for Windows "iCloud Drive requires iCloud for Windows 4.0, iOS 8, OS X Yosemite." Is this true? I manage to use iCloud on a phone running iOS 7.1.2. Can't I also use iCloud drive on this basis?

Is there any other way to get an iPhone 4 to automatically synchronise?
iCloud Drive is for syncing files, documents and folders, not for contacts or calendars. It was released with iOS 8, so you can't use it on an iPhone running 7.1.2.

When you set up Outlook on your iPhone in Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendar, it will sync automatically. New contacts you add to the account on the iDevice will also appear in your Outlook account anywhere else. If you remove someone, this will also impact Outlook on the PC.

Files can be synced through OneDrive. Contacts and emails will sync automatically, without iCloud. What else do you need to sync?