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audible.com audiobook problem



I have an audiobook I got for free from audible.com that I want to listen to on my iphone. I can't seem to get it to sync though. If I try to drag it over there is the little NO icon. Anyone know why?
I have an audible account and you have to authorise the account in iTunes, it then allows you to play the .aa files on your iPhone.
Not sure if that is the problem but the same thing happened until I authorised my iTunes account with audible.

Hope that works.

When you connect your device to your computer, iTunes automatically syncs according to the preferences set in iTunes. There are two ways that you can transfer Audible content to your device, automatically or manually.
Automatically Transfer Audible Content:
1. Connect your device to your computer using the cable included with your device, iTunes should automatically open. If iTunes doesn't open, launch iTunes.
2. Select your device under Devices on the left hand side of iTunes and then select the Summary tab.
3. To automatically sync your Audible titles to your device your iTunes preferences should be set as follows:
▪ Check, Sync only checked songs and videos.
▪ Uncheck, Manually manage music and videos.
▪ Other options are a user preference and can be left as the default.
4. Next select the Books tab, check the option Sync Audiobooks, and select All audiobooks. You may have to scroll down to see the Sync Audiobooks option.
5. Select Apply in the lower right hand corner of iTunes to save the preferences.
6. Select Sync in the lower right hand corner of iTunes to transfer your Audible purchases to your device. The titles that are checked in the Books or Audiobooks section of iTunes under Library will be transferred to your device.
7. You must first eject your Apple device before disconnecting it.

I hope I helped you on your dilemma.