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Audio Books will not load to audiobooks


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Sep 9, 2017
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I have been using a program (Markable) for years to convert books on CD, and also from files, into a folder and then transferred the books to my iPhone 5 with no problems.

After converting the books I just had to open the folder they were in and drag and drop the book into the audiobooks folder on the iPhone.
But for some reason that will not now work, on dragging the converted book to Audiobooks on the iPhone (or any other folder that it could be dropped in.) the word link appears and wherever the book is dropped, nothing happens, normally the progress bar at the top shows it is being transferred to the Audiobooks folder, but absolutely nothing happens.
I have tried making sure the iPhone is "live" when I drop and otherwise. I have restarted both the phone and PC
I am perfectly well aware that it is probably being caused by some simple thing I have done, or a program has done, but have been unable to find any control on either iTunes or the iPhone to sort or explain my problem.
If anyone can make any suggestions to sort it, it would be greatly appreciated, I know no other iPhone users who know anything about audiobooks, which I use a lot getting audiobooks from various sources that I listen to while I am being taken walks by my collie.
Anyway I think I have made the point clear if anyone wants any clarification, please ask

Thanks, Boyd, (mactoshb)