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Atomic composite hybrid case for iPhone 4


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Oct 29, 2010
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Hello, fellow iPhone enthusiasts. Just joined the "iPhone community" on this site and just got my first iphone, my first SMART phone, a month ago. Do I even need to say how psyched I am? However, what I am NOT psyched about is the reception problems I have been fighting with the Atomic cases. I'm betting a good number of you share my opinion that you cannot beat the esthetics and feel of the Atomic case, regardless of the price tag, but of course the problem continues to be reception problems due to the aluminum material just transmitting the issue original to the design. I've tried the first gen, the slotted case and now am in line for the composite hybrid case which is probably the last one I will try from Atomic. The thing is, as far as I can find, there is only one review out there, (it's on Youtube) on this generation of case. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about it and if it does, indeed, fix the problem?! Thanks!
welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you had problems with your iphone 4. i never had any are you sure its not just your carrier and the area your in?