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Review Fusionwerkz Sabre Hybrid iphone 4 case


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Jan 11, 2011
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REVIEW: Fusionwerkz Sabre Hybrid Case

Sabre Full Open back w/blue front
As aluminum cases for the iPhone 4 get ever more popular, more and more manufacturers are turning to “hybrid” designs (aluminum in addition to a plastic material) to overcome the inherent reception problems that accompany an all aluminum design. One of the newest entries into this hybrid category is the Sabre from Fusionwerkz, makers of the Raw line of all aluminum cases. How does this new entry stack up to others already on the market?

I originally tested out and reviewed a prototype of this Sabre case. Since then, Fusionwerkz has made some slight design tweaks, and based on feedback, added two additional models to the Sabre family…the Sabre open back, and the Sabre closed back. How's THAT for listening to customer feedback! I've gotten both of these models in for review, so here it is.

Initial Impressions:

Fusionwerkz has really listened to all the feedback that has been given about both their original RAW case and the Sabre prototype, and made what I feel are two great additions to the Sabre family. With these cases, the aluminum front frames will interchange with all 3 backs , and each back will be available separately, so that you can have multiple backs if you so choose.

The final product here is amazing. They're really reworked the front aluminum frame, thinning it down and adding more of a taper/bevel on the inside, closest to the screen. It's a subtle change (compare the front aluminum frame in the final product pics to the prototype pics), but it really makes a difference in how refined the case looks from the front, and really reduces/eliminates any interference (from the case) in using the touch screen at the outermost edges. The finish on the composite back material (for both the full open and full closed) is blasted finish, which creates an almost "soft-touch" effect that feels great in the hand...not too slippery, and certainly not too rough. The finish on the aluminum has been refined since the introduction of the original RAW case as well, and feels much more smooth to the touch.

The cutouts on the top of the case have been tweaked, and the sleep button and headphone jack have been given their own separate holes (instead of the long unified cutout on the prototype), which looks better, as well as adds strength to the top of the case. The vibrate cutout has been slightly enlarged, along with the area immediately surrounding the dock connector along the bottom of the case. As far as compatibility with dock accessories, so far all 3rd party dock cables I own have worked with this case, as well as all speaker docks, so I don't see too many issues occurring there.

As far as compatibility of this case with the Verizon iPhone, if you look at the pics below, you'll see that because of the single, elongated vibrate switch/volume button cutout, it WILL work with BOTH the At&T/GSM iPhone, as well as the Verizon model.

Wireless Performance:

Being a hybrid/composite design, the Sabre essentially eliminates the reduced cell reception that some users experienced with the earlier Fusionwerkz Raw. I've tested this hybrid case along side my e13ctron hybrid and Atomic hybrid, and all 3 show cell reception to within 1 dB of each other, and that small of a difference I chalk up to normal signal discrepancy. And as with those other 2 hybrid cases, the Sabre has shown no detrimental effect on my wifi, GPS, or Bluetooth performance. So in essence, this case performs as well as any polycarbonate/plastic case I've tried (just like the e13ctron and Atomic hybrids).

Final evaluation:

All in all this has shaped up to be a great case/family of cases. I can't really find anything wrong with it. There's multiple back offerings to accommodate any customer, many different front aluminum colors, and all the parts are interchangeable, so you can mix things up as you go, and add to it later. The performance is excellent, and is no different than any all plastic case out there. As far as aluminum hybrids go, this is the strongest, sturdiest feeling case on the market at this time (I have all the hybrids available at time of writing). And at the price point Fusionwerkz is bringing this to market ($55), I don't think you can go wrong!

These cases are shipping now. Get more info at: FUSIONWERKZ - Metal iPhone Case | Aluminum iPhone Case

check out the link below for more high quality picture, removed external links.
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