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Apple's BACK TO THE MAC Event Full Coverage


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Apple had their Back To The Mac event today in San Francisco announcing some new Macbooks and a few features. New Macbook Air models we're announced and released today, 11.6 and 13.3 inches. These Airs are much lighter and come with a few cool features. I still don't see the point of owning a Macbook Air when a Macbook Pro is just around the corner, price-wise I mean. Facetime for Macs was released today, still in Beta, but you can try it out on your Mac and start Facetime chats with iOS devices. App Store for Macs will be released within 90 days of today so you can start using your iOS apps on your Mac as well. Everything else, covered in the video.
i saw that last night live from apple website, i had no idea that only mac users on safari would be able to watch. but other sites had it live for the non mac users...

it was nice to see lion and ilife 2011 it looked good, sucks that lion wont be released until summer 2011 though. why advertise it from now :mad: i thought it would be like the iphone and ilife released on the same day or a few weeks later