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Apple Watch Will Only Have 2GB of Storage Left After the OS


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Jul 27, 2011
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Although most folks who get the Apple Watch, weren't planning on using it as a media storage device, it's important to note that it won't be able to hold a great deal of data. Yes, the device does have 8GB of storage; however, according to a new report, the iOS version on the Apple Watch will take up 6GB of that total, leaving users with a measly 2GB of space for music and 75MB for pictures.

When you consider file sizes, that's still not too terrible and equates to about 200 “decent quality music tracks” and up to 100 of your favorite images. In fact, Apple has considered this and have some built-in safe measures. For example, the operating system will actually automatically resize images the user imports from the iCloud Photo Library.

The only thing that is surprising about this is that the $10,000 Apple Edition version of the watch will still have the same amount of storage as the $349 Sport version. It must have been a physical space saving measure. What do you guys think?
Apparently the only differences between the various Apple Watch models are the case and crystal, the internal components are identical. The inside may be packed so tightly that there just isn't room for more flash storage.