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Apple Watch Extra Details Including Interchangeable Bands and More


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Jul 27, 2011
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Despite Apple's wonderful presentation of the Apple Watch in both of their events, there are still a few questions left unanswered. We thought it might be useful to share the answer to some of those questions. Here are a few important details regarding Apple's newest must-have gadget:
  • Official name of the OS for the Apple Watch is Watch OS
  • There will be multiple pre-loaded watch faces of different styles, and these will be customizable with millions of possibilities for personalization
  • Despite this, downloadable watch faces will NOT be available at first
  • The 38mm sized Apple Watch case will have a display of 272 by 340 pixels
  • The 42mm sized Apple Watch case will have a display of 312 by 390 pixels
  • All Apple Watch bands will be interchangeable - that means if you want to mix and match metal or rubber watch bands from one Apple Watch version to another you will be able to do that
  • Additional watch bands will be made available from Apple's store for purchase at various prices
  • The display will NOT have an always on mode (this is in order to save battery life) - lifting your wrist or tapping the screen will awaken it (the wrist movement function can be turned off)
  • Apple Watch includes 8GB of storage, but nearly 6GB is used by Watch OS - 2GB can store music and 75MB can store pictures
  • For charging, the watch uses MagSafe technology and inductive wireless charging (you just attach the magnet to the back of the watch to charge it)
  • Battery charging from zero to 80% or will take 1.5 or 2.5 hours to full
  • The charger will include a 6.5-feet (2-meter) cable which plugs into a wall charger or USB port
Sound off if you have any other questions that these tips don't answer. I am confident that someone we, or someone in the forums will be able to answer it!
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Jun 7, 2010
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Interesting to know about the display not always being on. I assumed that you would always be able to see at least the time.