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Apple TV 2nd Generation (Fall 2010) Unboxing


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

I was a little skeptical on whether or not I should buy the Apple TV. After seeing that everyone around me was getting one and that there might be a Jailbreak released to the public sometime, I got excited. I started calling around Apple Stores trying to find it with no luck. Finally I looked on Craigslist and got it for about $25 over the price, not too big of a deal.

So after opening it I was disappointed in two things. One, there was no HDMI cable. I literally drove to 24 hour Walgreens looking for one at 2 AM, I got it in the end, set me back another $20. The second thing that ticked me off a little bit was that I didn't receive any Apple stickers, but in the end I found out they were well hidden in the instruction manual. So the real second thing the ticked me off was the 720p output cap, come on Apple. If I am paying an extra $99 for a device I don't really need and it is just one of those devices that make your home theater experience a little easier with having less features than my Xbox 360 or PS3 can already do, I want 1080p (now that was I can a run on sentence).

Still fiddling around with the new Apple TV, more videos to come along with a review.