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Apple to Use Intel Modem Chips in Some iPhone 7 Models


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Jun 18, 2010
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Bloomberg reports on a major coup for Intel, which it claims has managed to finally make a big entrance into the mobile market with Apple ordering Intel modem chips for some iPhone 7 models, rather than the usual Qualcomm, in a bid to have a more diverse supplier base.

Specifically, Apple is said to have ordered Intel modem chips for AT&T iPhones in the US, and for some, as yet undisclosed, iPhone versions in other countries. Verizon iPhones in the US will still have Qualcomm modem chips, however, as will iPhones that are sold in China.

Bloomberg notes that selling its chips to Apple is a big win for Intel, as well as a knock for Qualcomm, although the latter still has a big part of Apple’s business, for now, at least.

BTIG LLC analyst Walt Piecyk says that he expects AT&T to sell approximately 22 million iPhones in 2016, and 23 million in 2017, with Verizon expected to sell around 21 million iPhones this year and 22 million next year, according to Piecyk.

Source: Intel Gets Chip Order From Apple, Its First Major Mobile Win

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