Apple Said to be Removing the iPhone X Notch in 2019

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    BGR writes today that according to a new report in South Korea’s Electronic Times, Apple will be ditching the notorious iPhone X notch for good in 2019, with the new screen covering the entirety of the front of the phone.

    This would mean that Apple has found a way to house the camera and sensor array that is currently sited in the notch on the iPhone X, especially as the report also says that Apple will definitely be using Face ID in its 2019 iPhones.

    It’s more than likely that Apple has managed to find a way to place the array directly under the OLED display panel, possibly by making very small holes in the panel and placing the camera and sensor array underneath. And while it's fair to say that this is very early news, and that Apple is probably a year and a half away from launching its 2019 iPhone line-up, design and planning for those 2019 models will already be underway, so it’s more than likely that Apple has already figured out how to get rid of the notch yet still keep Face ID.

    Source: New report claims Apple will dump the iPhone X notch in 2019
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