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Apple Removes Anonymity From Game Center Users


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that Apple has updated the Game Center terms of service with an amendment noting that gaming invites that you want to send to friends will now include the real name that you have associated with your Apple ID, rather than your Game Center alias. Likewise if you accept a friend invitation, the person who sent you the friend request will be able to view your full Apple ID name. The new terms of service will come into effect next time you start the app, when you will be prompted to accept the new terms of service in order to access Game Center.

Apple Insider points out that this move is a step towards making Game Center more family friendly like the Wii, as it means that you can’t hide behind anonymity. On the other hand, it’s a move that has angered many who like to remain anonymous online, particularly serious gamers. AppleInsider also makes the very valid point that many female gamers like to hide their gender online, as it can be a nightmare if other gamers know you’re female in serious gaming circles. And generally speaking, there are simply people who don’t want their Apple ID made public.

Now that the change has been made, your only recourse if you want to remain anonymous and continue to use Game Center is to change your Apple ID.

Source:AppleInsider | Apple amends iOS Game Center to use real names in invites