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Apple Maps Will Remember Where You Parked Your Car


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Jan 8, 2023
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Because this took me a little time to get working I thought a quick post might be of help to some one.
I have an iPhone 13 vsn 16.1. I don’t have CarPlay
It goes without saying that location services has to be on but what isn’t so obvious is that Settings/Privacy & Security/Location Services/System Services/Significant Locations must also be on.
Having parked, say ‘remember where I have parked my car’
Siri will confirm that has been done
When returning, say ‘where is my car’
Maps will show you how to get back

From what I have read, the parking location will automatically be saved when you leave your car if you have CarPlay.
When I park in some unusual place I just take a photo, that includes location.
I’m fortunate in that my car, a new Kia Sportage has an app that, among a host of other information, can also show me where I left it.