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Apple Counts Down to 50 Billionth App Download


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Jun 18, 2010
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[FONT=&quot]Mashable reports today what some of you may have already noticed if you have visited the app store recently, i.e., that Apple has kicked off a countdown to the approaching landmark of 50 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. And in typical Apple fashion, users will also have the chance of winning various prizes in celebration of the milestone. For example, the lucky person who downloads the 50 billionth app will get a whopping $10,000 App Store Gift Card, and those downloading one of the first 50 apps after the milestone will get the chance to win a $500 App Store Gift Card. Mashable also notes some key stats regarding the various App Store milestones, such as the fact that it took four years for Apple to achieve the milestone of 25 billion downloads, which occurred in March 2012. The 40 million milestone was reached in January 2013, which brings us up to date with the imminent 50 billion downloads milestone. Wonder if one of our forum members will be the lucky winner?! [/FONT]

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[FONT=&quot]Click here to view the counter: https://www.apple.com/itunes/50-billion-app-countdown/[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]Entry form for contest: https://www.apple.com/itunes/50-billion-app-countdown/entry-form/[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]Thanks to Super Moderator Gabriel1 for the heads-up on this story.[/FONT]

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[FONT=&quot]Source:[/FONT] http://mashable.com/2013/05/03/apple-50-billionth-app-download/

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