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Apple Car is Practically Confirmed by New Domain Name Registration


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Jul 27, 2011
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It looks like the Apple Car is creeping from that "rumored device" stage right into a real mass market product. At the end of last week, some new intel was found which practically confirms Apple's plans to bring an Apple Car to market. An internet blog (sourced below) found something quite interesting after doing a domain name "who is" search.

Apple has registered the domains for apple.car and apple.auto. This intel follows on the heels of a recent Wall Street Journal article which claimed "Apple Inc. is accelerating efforts to build an electric car, designating it internally as a "committed project” and setting a target ship date for 2019, according to people familiar with the matter."

What do you folks think? Can you envision an Apple Car in your driveway/parking space?

Also, we couldn't help but include that cooky looking Apple Car concept art above. Obviously the final Apple product won't look like that, but we thought it was funny enough to share.

Source: The Secret is Out: The Apple Car is Coming