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Apple apps stopped working after jailbreak

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Jul 4, 2014
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I have a 4s and have just updated it to ios 7.1.2 then jailbroken it with pangu 1.1. It seemed to work fine as cydia was installed and working but no .ipa's would install. Ifunbox said the device was still jailed and to fix this i should install afc2add which i did. This fixed my inability to install apps but now none of the built in apps such as mail,safari or weather work. They just open up then immediately disappear. Any help would be most appreciated as although i can easily get by with 3rd party apps it's still puzzling. Cheers
Seems both fb and fb messenger are screwy too. they just open and hang freezing the phone
What tweaks did you install after you jailbroke it? May we have a list of them? Hopefully, if provided the list, we can help determine what the problem might be.

The first and only 2 i installed were .... for ios 7 and afc2add. I've seen that people are suggesting that they're the wrong ones so i've installed complete ppsync remover,then apple file conduit 2 and ..... but there's no change. Cheers for the help
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