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App to control multitasking


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Aug 6, 2010
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Although iOS4 does bring multitasking to the iPhone, I'm not sure Apple did it right! I was hoping that the user would be able to select what apps he wants to be multi-tasking between. Instead it seems that any program you bring up automatically get included in the multi-tasking bar.

So my question is this... Is there an app (either from the App Store, Cydia, Rock, etc.) that will enable multitasking on desired apps you want multitasking and shut down other apps upon hitting the home screen?

Backgrounder and Multiflow were excellent apps to use for multi-tasking before iOS4 came along. However i don't want to install these apps if iOS4's command to multi-task every single app you start up will not be stopped.

Anyone out there have a solution?
Both backgrounder and multifl0w can be configured to replace native multitasking in iOS4. Both also let you choose which apps to enable and to turn off multitasking for specific apps. A third option is proswitcher, which is supposed to be getting an update to work with iOS4 sometime on the next week.
Also, there are no App Store apps that will modify the multitasking limitations and I highly doubt there ever will be.