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App developer tracking my keystrokes. Should I be concerned?


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Jan 11, 2015
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I just purchased an keyboard skin app for my iphone 6. Its says check the Allow Full Access button in my phones "General" set-up tab. Then an Allow/Don't Allow screen pops up saying that I'm giving the developer full access to transmit anything I type on this keyboard including sensitive information. Am I understanding this correctly? Why do they need to know everything I type using their app? Should I be concerned?
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The warning you saw is Apple's standard warning when you enable Full Access for all keyboards.

Some of the apps, such as Swype or SwiftKey mostly store the information they get on the iDevice. There's an option to use SwiftKey's cloud (for backups e.g.), which encrypts the information for transferring. Fleksy, another keyboard app for iOS, does not need full access to perform it's processing.
Profiled firms like the ones I mentioned are mostly interested in gaining their users' trust, and will tell you what they'll do with your data.

I've also found an explanation from a keyboard developer who stated his keyboard doesn't even need full access, still Apple displays this message.

There are potential risks when you give a keyboard full access to your data. Some security researchers think you shouldn't allow this at all.
After all, it's your decision: if you trust the developer of the app you're using enough to grant full access, then ignore the warning. Or try the keyboard without full access, if you're not certain.
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It's no different from an app asking for permission to use your photos app. It's nothing to be concerned about. I have over 60 apps I have given permission to use my photos. I use 2 3rd party keyboards.

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