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App Content Hasn't Appeared. Disaster!


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Aug 8, 2010
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Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
I have just got my first iPhone 4 to replace my 3GS.

After setting it up (and completely erasing my 3GS ready to sell it on eBay!) I discovered that whilst most things had moved over to my new 'phone perfectly OK, all of those Apps where I had inputted information were devoid of content and appeared just as they would if newly downloaded!

Thus my 1Password, which had all of my logins, passwords, bank details etc. in it is completely empty. Likewise Balance, in which I had one year of financial transactions, is empty. Dropbox also has in it none of the documents which I painstakingly installed over the past year. My stored text messages have also disappeared.

This is a total disaster. I have tried restoring and resyncing but to no avail. This is going to make life VERY difficult.

Any ideas as to how I can get my data back please?
Hopefully you still have a backup. When you plugin your phone it should ask if you want to restore as "your names iPhone" restore is the key... Not sync.