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AOL Mail help


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Oct 12, 2013
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For quite a few days now when trying to reply to someone I get this and do not know way I am signed in to my aol A count. Thank you for any help on this .
This looks like a screenshot in Safari.
Is the account set up on your iPhone, or is this an app?
Hi J.A. I think so it was working great. until A few days ago. Just do not understand why it's not working now. Thank you
Hi J.A. sorry I am using the Aol mail app
No problem. :)

Usually, an email app should work this way. When you access it, you should be signed in and able to see your emails and reply without signing in every time. The email apps that I use work that way. I don't know how AOL works, however.

So here are a few suggestions, hopefully they'll help a bit:
Is there anything you can do in the settings of this app?
If an app doesn't behave as expected, removing it and installing it again will help fixing problems.
Is the app up to date?
Hi J.A. Yes it's up to date I will try to uninstall and reinstall it. Hope that will help thank you