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anyone using iFunbox? question about video transfer.


Mar 24, 2014
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I found a tutorial earlier suggesting I use iFunbox to resolve an issue with iTunes not connecting to my iPhone.

I then tried it to transfer a video to my phone , which worked fine. Now I'm trying to transfer the same video after deleting it from my phone, but I can' get it to transfer at all now. Tried it with a few other videos to no avail.

If anyone else uses this program please chime in so I can try to get some options to get it working again. This program seems like a very straightforward and simple interface that I would much rather use than iTunes , if I can get it working again. I don't really like the way iTunes works , but I may be forced to keep using it now. I thought I had found a perfect alternative , and now it's just soured.
I htink I may have read that article before, it didn't help.

I found a different program that does everything I need , so it's all good.