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Anyone from UK had their iPhone 4 shipped yet?


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Jun 21, 2010
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I ordered mine from Apple online store directly on the 15th June. Still status is 'Not Yet Shipped' however the ETA is delivered fro June 24th.

Curious how everyone else is getting on with their orders?

I've never ordered from the store before.

Many thanks!
yeah mine is the same i am in the uk, not shipped and due for the 24th, but if you look under shipping method it says Fast Ship (EMEA), so i bet they are going to send them out tomorrow for 24 hour shipping, i am waiting 2 32GB 's
I actually spoke to Apple today. They confirmed my order was progressing as planned and delivery is still scheduled for 24th June. He also informed me that some have started shipping. Lastly, he told me that for those of us in the UK, the iPhone's are being stored somewhere in Birmingham, that is where they will be shipped from. So its not like they are coming from overseas. I expect they will be dispatched tomorrow.

More importantly, I need to get onto O2 and get my micro sim. As of yet, nothing has arrived in the post from O2.
i see, i sent my sims to newcastle and espect them tomorrow.. some one cut them for me. o2 and so easy cards.. so easy is from another country but... i did not expect them to ship it sooner then tomorrow, whos the lucky few that has theirs shipped already? people close to or in birmingham, but saying that i was late ordering mine, like 12.30pm
Yeah I will trim my own sim down if one doesn't arrive from O2 in time.
yeah there is tones of tutorials to show you where to cut or use the part from the iphone 4 to measure the size so you know where to cut, i dont trust myself to do that lol
got my in carphonewharehouse on saturday - they only had 4 in stock in brighton, lucky me, as the key to the apple store was about 100 people long
so 96 other people who where sol.. but lucky for you for getting one, did they sell it locked to any carrier or unlocked?