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Apple announces free shipping for holiday purchases until December 22


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Nov 27, 2012
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Those of you who plan on purchasing Apple products this holiday now have another reason to do it as Apple has announced free shipping for holiday purchases until December 22 with order deadlines for December 24. Apple has posted the shopping guide to make sure you get your Apple products before December 24th delivered to your door. The holiday shipping details were published by Apple last year, as well.

The Cupertino company is offering free standard shipping on all orders placed through its online store from now until December 22. Besides free shipping, Apple put up its yearly order deadlines for guaranteed December 24 delivery. At the moment of writing this article, standard configuration Macs, iPhone 5c, non-Retina iPad mini, non-engraved iPad 2 and all iPods are showing an order deadlines of December 18.

The iPad mini with Retina display still remains in restrained supply, as purchasers must get their order in by December 5 to make sure the iPad Mini gets shipped before Christmas. The iPad Air can be ordered up until December 9.

Source: ModMyi

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