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Any software out there like YX Player that will play FLV files but offer playlists?


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Jun 4, 2013
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I am running IOS 6 on iphone 4
after a lot of searching I found just 2 apps out there that are stable and can play youtube vidoes that I downloaded for offline viewing
- yxflash - that app crashes now and often and has a very rudimentary playlist (you cannot save playlist - all you can do is just create ones on fly - and its a tedious effort )
- yxplayer - that is a more stable app but - it needs the data to be in its own directory. There is No playlist management BOMK
I am looking for some app out there - I dont care where I get it from the worm ( Cydia ) or the apple ( app store ) that has these features

<> Playlist mmg - create and save playlists ( save as in a playlist file )
<> It can traverse the Linux directory hierarchy - so there is no need to save data in "pet" directories
<> can play flv videos besides the rest
<> has a folder based auto playlist create approach . That means it plays songs vidoes etc per folder by automatically creating playlists for that folder.

There are excellent apps out there on android land that can do this .

Anything for iphone ?