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another signal solution

I was wondering when somebody would come out with something like this. It's a cool idea and much better that scotch tape. :)

4.0.1 's release should fix it

Well, the issue isn't just reception its also transmission. So it's not just a software problem it is in fact a hardware problem which software updates can't fix.

This would be an alternate to buying a case, but I do actually prefer acase covering my mobile device.
Really? Sucks for those who have the problem, apple should at least give free bumpers
I will run out and buy bumpers if they will help the poor reception problem
Maybe for some Bumpers fix a cellular issue, (bs if it does in fact turn out to be a hardware issue) but I bought a bumper when I pick up my phone.
I am able to complete less then 40% of my calls made. Yes 4 out of
Every 10 calls work the way my 3GS Iphone worked. Very disappointing.
does anyone have a template for the vinyl wraps? a side and back template would be much appreciated.