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An issue with Installous


Jul 5, 2010
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When ever i Sync my phone it removes the apps iv downloaded with
Installous. i know it didn't do that on my 3G. Anyone else having a similar problem or does anyone have an idea of what i can try?
Ok, the iTunes Sync in the Installous settings was staying on for some reason. I un-installed Installous and turned off the iTunes Sync. It did the same thing the first time I Synced it with iTunes. I re-installed the apps, I didn't unplug the phone from my Laptop, re Synced and all is well now :).
can you please let me know how to get installous ?
excellent. is tomtom in installous?

Yep. U.S & Canada Ver. 1.4.1

oh thanks, if only i was us or canada now lol.. any europe ones? or uk?


your right, i have paid for all my apps and the devs who spend ages creating these apps should be paid if they wish for their hard work, as i have said it before. its like cracking apps on the pc/mac people will always do it. i have 4 pages of apps i paid for them all, i have my debit card on my username, download the light version try it out then buy it...

and your right i shouldent be helping ppl get them. thanks for the notification
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An entire thread devoted to how to most efficiently pirate apps. Weak Sauce
What I've found out is that sync your phone with iTunes. When it has finished leave the USB cable connected and download + install what ever is needed on installous, once completed go back to iTunes and click on transfer purchased it'll transfer whatever has been installed into iTunes