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Amazon Instant Video can now Stream over Cellular Data


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
As a subscriber to Amazon Prime, I enjoy all the perks that come with the $99/year plan. One perk is Amazon's Instant Video, which I mainly use on my Xbox One since I have no need to watch on a smaller screen at home. However, a few weeks ago I went running at the gym on the treadmill and attempted to play a show on Instant Video, but the service wouldn't let me stream over 4G LTE.

On Thursday Amazon updated its iOS Instant Video client and it seems to be a phenomenal update. Instant Video version 3.0 adds the ability to stream movies and TV shows while on the go, over cellular data. Adding the new perk, Amazon also added the ability to adjust quality settings on streams, so that data usage can be minimal for folks on metered data plans.

"With the new iOS app, Prime members can instantly watch tens of thousands of great titles available at no additional cost to their membership over a cellular network and in HD," writes Amazon in the update.

In my opinion, Amazon Instant Video 3.0 adds features that need to be seen in other streaming apps and services. The app is free to download, but folks will need an Amazon Prime subscription to be able to watch anything.

Note: Instant Video still refuses to run on Jailbroken devices.