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Alternatives to Otterbox Defender?


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Jun 29, 2010
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Long story short, I've been using an Otterbox Defender case, and have been very disappointed with it. It has been replaced by Otterbox (kudos to them for standing behind their product), but it just keeps disappointing me. I've used the Defender cases for years now (had one on my old 3GS and currently have one on my iPad, both of which I love). Just the design of the iPhone 4 case is horrible....the screen protector gets scratched way too easily, and the silicone starts to get loose in certain areas.

Anyway, I want something with the same features: shock/drop protection and somewhat of water protection. I don't like the looks of the Ballistic HC case. Are there any other comparable cases out there?

I'd recommend looking into the Seidio Rugged at seidioonline.com. I picked one up a couple days ago. Compared to the Otterbox, the only thing it really lacks is a built in screen protector. That said, you'll need to get the combo pack it comes with two cases. You'll get a thin slider case that's pocketable. Additional protection comes in the form of a silcone skin that wraps around the inner case. A hard exterior piece clips around the silicone skin. The camera has a removable cover and all exterior buttons are covered save the microphone and speakers. A belt clip is also included. It's easy to use. I can take my phone out with one hand.
I have had my Otterbox less than a week and broke the plastic clip on the holster...I can not get my phone out with one hand with it anyways...thanks
Griffin Survivor is one other option. This is the closest I've seen to the Otterbox Defender and has a built in screen protector. The belt clip also serves as a nice built in stand.

The best case is really a personal preference. I like the seidio because it's easy to take off when you don't want the extra bulk, but the inner case still provides some protection.