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All Apple iPhones Pitted Against Each Other in Awesome Video Performance Test


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Jul 27, 2011
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Some tech bloggers with a little extra time on their hands put together an awesome comparison video for our entertainment and nostalgic edification. It's a performance video pitting every retail iPhone model ever made against each other.

The video hits all of the models including the unique new iPhone 6 Plus and the anomalous iPhone 5C, all the way down to the iPhone 2G. The video is actually quite entertaining and informative, as the creators of the video run these iconic devices through several tests, from boot-up and shutdown, to benchmarks and web-page loading.

What's really surprising when comparing all of these next to each other is how little the differences are in the hardware "numbers" presented. The amount of RAM doesn't really change a great deal amongst the devices once you get to the middle of the pack. Also, the MHz/GHz rating doesn't really change much either (although that is only a small factor in what determines the capabilities of a CPU or GPU, since the number of transistors and architecture upgrades between the devices actually changes quite a bit in almost every generation).

Ironically, it's also interesting to see that some of the older generation products ended up beating a few of their newer cousins in a few tests. When you think about it further, it actually does make sense though. Even though Apple continuously advances the hardware in each new iPhone, they also typically increase the number of software features and functions that the phone is capable of. This increases the complexity of the newer devices, while the older ones have less to do immediately.


Source: EverythingApplePro