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Alerts dissppeared


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Sep 7, 2014
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I am using iOS 8.1.1. after that update most of my text audio alerts, or messenger audio alerts only work while I'm in the phone. If the phone is sleeping, then messages go unnoticed. Also like it in do not disturb mode. When I go into my 6 for any reason, all my alerts will pour in. What is happening?
In Settings - Notifications: enable "Show on Lock Screen" for apps where you want to get alerts, and make sure there's a notification sound.
I don't want it to show on lock screen. Never had it set up that way before. It was just an audible notice. Like a ding. The i'd unlock phone and see message.
Try resetting it: press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously until the Apple logo gets visible. Let go of both. The device will power up on it's own.

Look at your settings in Do Not Disturb, and try changing them. If it's set to Manual, disable this, see if this changes the situation.
Manual is disabled. I've reset like you said yesterday. I get texts sounds from some people, and audible email sounds while phone is locked. Weird. Just started happening after latest update. So when I activate phone (out of sleep) and then use my thumb or manual passcode, then I'll get notifications.
Wifi. Won't use iTunes. Never had an issue before so not gonna run myself through that. I had iTunes on on windowsb7 and was royal pain. My wife did same upgrade with her 6 and not same issues. Ok so I just woke up, got into phone, and 2 emails immediatly showed up. That is no coincidence. There were 4 emails there, but 2 just showed up with sound? It's intermittently doing a "do not distrurb" on me.
About the same time this happened, I set up a do not disturb schedule, Monday though Friday, with exception of a few favorites. I noticed that turning on and off as advertised. Let me see if this makes a change, somehow. Happy t-day. Will post back With results. Thx
Just noticed this. I just opened Facebook, and a new notification just popped up. I looked to see when the post was made and was an hour ago. This was not the case before whatever happened, happened. Something is causing delays of my alerts, messages, emails to hit my phone. A do not disturb issue would not prevent the alert or message or email from getting to device, it would on silence it.
Go to Settings - General - Reset and reset all settings. This won't remove anything from your iPhone, but it might get rid of the bug you're experiencing. You'll have to go through all your settings again afterwards and select your preferences.

If this doesn't help, the only thing left to do that could help, would be restoring it using iTunes. I don't like iTunes as well; my laptop is extremely slow. I needed three hours to restore my iPad, but in the end, it was working better than before. It's worth giving it a try.
Roger that. Let me enjoy this weekend without this added chore. Take care and will be in touch. Also wanted to thank all for quick response time. Gosh, unreal!! Dm