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Jun 16, 2010
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Shared Plan.
Primary (3G) eligible for upgrade and pre-orderd.
Secondary (3GS) not eligible for upgrade and did not pr-eorder.

Primary wants to give iPhone 4 to secondary and take secondary for use.

Since Sims are not compatible any thoughts on how to swap the phones between users?

Thanks in advance!

You can actually cut a regular mini-sim to the size of the micro-sim and it will work.
Keep 3GS set up, when iphone 4 shows, set up as 3G phone. If you are near an ATT store, you can go in with both, ask them to switch the numbers so the original 3GS is now the iPhone 4, and the iPhone4 you set up would become the 3GS numbers. Go back and re-sync to get the data on the iPhones. You may be able to do this over the phone, in US call 611 from your iphone, but I have always gone in to make those number changes.