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Issue with AT&T


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Jun 18, 2010
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I tried to pre order iPhone 4s for both me and my husband last night. We are on a family plan and bought out 3G s phones at the same time. AT&T is saying only I (primary number) am eligible for an upgrade and my husband won't be eligible until April 2011. I called customer service and they told me only I could get it because the primary number generates the revenue.

Needless to say, I have a very po'ed hubby who is going to be even more crabby when my 4 arrives in July.

Anyone else having this problem?
how about just buy one factory unlocked and use it? though it wont be so easy now at least he wont have to wait as long as he would of trying to get it on contract upgrade
Try ordering off the apple site you are allowed 1 iPhone 4 per line. It will check what pricing that line gets. There should be no issues buying two just might be more $$ if the other line isnt up for renewal.
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