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A1349 motherboard swap


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Jul 3, 2014
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I have an A1349 that got hacked up when someone that didn't know what they were doing opened it up to do a repair. It has a good motherboard, but the insides are all torn up. Can I buy another A1349, say one that's icloud locked...tear out that motherboard and drop mine in there and expect it to work the way the original did? The personality is stored on the motherboard, right? Everything else under that cover is all mechanical stuff....

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iOS logic boards houses everything, so if you were to swap logic boards, you're better off buying a new device since that's the equivalent of swapping out the logic board. And most components were designed for that specific logic board so even if you were able to swap it out, you'll end up in an infinite boot loop and iTunes will give hardware related issues when attempting to restore the device

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