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4Towers Vector Tower Defence Game Free For Two Days


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Jun 18, 2010
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LambdaMu Games has today launched an update for its vector Tower Defence game 4Towers, called Episode 2 “Evolution”, for iPhone and iPod touch. To celebrate the launch of the update, the game will be free to download from the App Store until October 22nd.

4Towers is a TD game that centers on creating different effects through the use of four basic towers, hence the name. Players can customize their plan of attack by combining the basic towers to unlock different effects, while putting funds earned to good use by purchasing upgrades as each successive enemy wave gets increasingly difficult.

The Episode 2 “Evolution” update adds a new class of tower, the Ability Tower, which, when built, must be activated manually by the player before it will engage the enemy. Once activated, the tower will unleash powerful abilities. This new class of tower is made up of the following four tower types, whose names indicate the nature of their ability: Missile Barrage Tower, Ice Trap Tower, Artillery Tower and the Bloodlust Booster Tower.

Also included in the update are 13 new levels and 3 new enemy types, as well as full Game Center support across all iOS platforms.

LamdbaMu promises many more updates in future, so if this sort of vector TD game appeals to you, why not seize the limited time offer to download it here for free?

Source: LambdaMu Games
Weird. The game doesn't even show up in the app store. Not at all. What the heck?