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4s picture folders

john doe

Sep 27, 2013
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i got the latest ios on my 4s .i hate the way the pictures are grouped . especially when i go on my computer to view them or grab one off it .
theres like 10 different folders to look thru . very time consuming .
is there a way to just group them all in 1 single folder?i would much prefer this .
going in on my pc and having to look thru 10 different folders to find what i want is just BS .
On the top left, you can choose YEARS. On the bottom right, you can choose ALBUMS. In the ALBUMS you can see all the photos together like you are use to seeing them.
yeah but the biggest gripe is when you connect to the computer and try to view them or grab one . theres multiple folders to look thru .i want them all in one place .