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3GS LCD Dead Or Bigger Problem?


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Jul 30, 2014
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Hi All,

Newbie here, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

My old 3GS has been on it's way out for a while, but I live with it due it being 32gb and I can get more music on it.

Recently people have been complaining that when speaking to me it sounded "crackily" and "distant", so i gave the mic vents a clean turned it off and like many times before took the Digitiser/LCD off. Gave it a good blow out and put back together, when i turned it back on the touch screen didn't work so being lazy i didn't turn it off before I opened it up again and I got the White Screen Of Death.

At this point (as I'd never seen that before and only found out after when Googling it) I re-booted but still the same. Since then i have tried Home-Power reset, Home-Volume Up-Power reset, and removing/inserting the mainboard to see if that would fix it. I have also let the battery die and leave for a few days but now the screen is black.

My question is (sorry for waffling) have I just blown the LCD or is it something worse? I don't mind buying another and re-fitting but if this won't fix it I don't want to shell out the money for nothing.

The phone does still work as i'd put a small charge in the other day the alarm went off at 04:30am which is when I normally get up for work, the interesting part was trying to turn it off with no screen fitted :)

Any help on this would really be appreciated.
I put the phone back together yesterday and left on charge and came on, so I am now back to the White Screen Of Death, what is the best method for clearing this?