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iphone 5

  1. ralphdn

    iPhone 5 startup screen blank (black) although wallpaper photo specified

    While "trying out" various photos to use as startup wallpaper on my iPhone 5, suddenly the screen displayed black when showing the startup wallpaper, and continued to do so, regardless of my attempts to reset the wallpaper display to a photo which I had used successfully previously.
  2. M

    iPhone 5 lag & iCloud & Whatsapp issues

    for the past few days my iPhone 5 was very laggy, it turned off twice by itself and was stuck on the white Apple logo screen so I updated the iOS to the latest version available, 10.3.3. My phone kept having issues and I thought about logging out and logging into iCloud to try to fix the issue...
  3. N

    Hello, Iphone 5 cant install software, error (1) HELP ME !!!

    Hello I have IPhone 5 A1429, and cant install new ios or restore with old in iTunes. when it gets to 60% stuck and shows error (1). There are some pictures. Help plsss. Thanks
  4. D

    Help with music transferred from pc to iphone 5s

    I have transferred music between my laptop windows 10 and my iPhone 5s using air transfer app which done the job or so I thought because when I try to play a song it won't work?
  5. P

    Iphone won't stay activated

    Okay, so I bought a used Iphone 5 recently and everything works perfectly on it. My problem is that it won't stay activated. When I first bought it I went through all the steps of activating a new iphone and it worked and I was able to use it fine. But the next day after I woke up I went to...
  6. jimt29

    iPhone 5 Becoming Unreliable

    I have had a jail broken iPhone for as long as I have had iPhones (iPhone 3). I was just about ready to get a new one because the iPhone 5 had been acting odd. From rebooting itself to the WIFI not working unless I restarted it. Then it was iffy at best. So instead of just buying a new phone...
  7. I

    Need to receive IR signal with iPhone 5

    Hello everyone. I need to be able to receive an IR signal with my iphone 5 but I'm having trouble figuring out what product to buy because they're all advertised as transmitters (for making your phone a universal remote). Does anyone know if any of these devices can also receive IR signals...
  8. P

    iPhone 5 won't charge

    My iPhone 5 says charging when I plug it in, but the percentage goes down, if I reset the phone a few times and turn airplane mode on, it will start to charge, I'm running the latest software, I've bought a new charger cable and plug from Apple, any help? I'm worried that if the battery runs...
  9. F

    iPhone 5 bluetooth not working

    Hi! I have an iPhone 5 and have been trying to sync 2 devices with it without success. The devices will sync with my iPads but not with the phone. I have turned on Bluetooth on the phone to no avail. Can the bluetooth system on the phone be damaged or just plain failing? Thanks!
  10. F

    Hello Fellow iPhone peeps!

    Looks like a great forum! Hope I can find some answers here!
  11. S

    deleting non existing icloud account

    Hi everyone I have searched all over the net to find an answer for this but unfortunately there is no clear answer so i wa wondering who would be able to help me. I have an iphone 5 which was on ios 6.1.2. I decided to recenly update it to ios 9.2. I have now been automatically logged in to my...
  12. M

    Stuck in DFU mode (iPhone 5)

    Hello there. I have this iPhone that seems stuck in DFU mode. The screen is completely black, and I've tried every combination of button presses. I've tried iTunes recovery, Dr.Fone, MobiSaver, and some more. All of which says, that the phone is in DFU, and i need to hold the power and home...
  13. S

    iphone transfer contacts and apps

    hello i have an iphone 5 that is jailbroken on ios 6.1.2 and i am now purchasing the iphone 6s. how can i transfer all my files from one phone to the other, more importantly my contacts?
  14. P

    Iphone 5 iOS 8.4.1 - battery 15% and shut off

    Hi all, I have recently received my Iphone 5 which has installed iOS 8.4.1 . The battery works fine, after fully charged with a regular use lasts for around 20 hours, although while being at 15% - 20% the phone suddenly shuts off to the black screen. I have pressed home button and on/off...
  15. K

    Iphone 5 switch to not vibrate on silent won't work

    So I don't want my phone to vibrate when it's on silent. I went to settings-sounds-and switched it to off where it says "vibrate on silent" however if i go back to the settings then to that screen again it's switched back to the on position and will continue to vibrate on silent. I tried...