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  1. Maura

    iOS 9 Adoption Rate Reaches 87%

    iDownload Blog reports that according to Apple’s latest figures, the iOS 9 adoption rate has now reached 87% of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, representing a 1-point gain from a month ago. In this same period, iOS 8 fell from 11% to 10% of devices, possibly signifying that upgrades could...
  2. Maura

    iOS 9 Lets You Create Checklists and Bullet Points in Notes App

    Did you know that iOS 9 now lets you create bullet points and checklists in the Notes app? PhoneArena explains how you can now use these features, should you so wish. If you’re a regular user of the Notes app on your iPhone, you’ll be aware that previously it was a very simple app, whereby you...
  3. tecknomage

    Getting Ringtons and Wallpapers to Sound Settings?

    I have a bunch of Wallpapers in my Pictures library and Ringtones on iCloud Drive. I think the ringtones were uploaded from iCloud to my iPhone, but where I don't know. How do I install Wallpapers and Ringtones so they show under Setup :( My old Android had a [Add] button for Ringtones and...
  4. C

    Suddenly Battery doesn't list usage by app in last 7 days or 24 hours

    Same behavior with iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s all on 9.0.2 Works fine on my iPad Air
  5. Siana

    Lower photo quality on iOS 9

    Okay, I've had it with Apple. I wasn't sure but I checked and now I am. I had iPhone 4 that was taking 3-4MB photos, my iPhone 5S was taking 3,5MB photos while on iOS 8. After I upgraded to iOS 9 I have noticed that my biggest photo is 1,3MB (iCloud is turned off so I don't have that lower...
  6. B

    Strange iMessage bug? -- audio/image grey window blocking new-message input box.

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.0. I had this strange occurrence. While using messaging a grey window suddenly appeared blocking the message-input box (or whatever it's called) at the bottom of the screen. This window is the same size as the message-input box and placed centered on the input...
  7. K

    ios 9 opening every app on iphone 4s

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I updated to ios 9 on my iphone 4s, and now, when I power on, every application opens in the background. I have to go in each time I power up and close about 25 apps so that my battery doesn't die in a few hours. I haven't found anything on this from a general web...
  8. Maura

    iOS 9 Low Power Mode Helps Greatly Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

    iDownload Blog reports that one new feature of iOS 9 is proving to be a great asset in terms of helping iPhone users extend their phone’s battery life. You have most likely already noticed the new “Low Power Mode” that is available at Settings > Battery. In the mode’s description it says that...
  9. D


    Using old mac/ iPhone 4s Upgraded iphone to IOS9 Current version of itunes does not support IOS9; no longer even recognizes phone, so cannot perform system reset/ downgrade/ backup/ anything Cannot update my iTunes because later versions incompatible with OSX.10.6.8 (ver. 11.4) Because of...
  10. E

    IOS 9 Update issues

    My girlfriend ttried updating her Iphone 5c with IOS 9. As most Iphone users on here probably already know there are a lot of issues with this update and I'm looking for help. The phone is to the point where it needs to it says slide to update. when I slide I have to put her password in then the...
  11. Maura

    iOS 9 Appears to be Crashing on Some Older Apple Devices

    Reuters reports today that what it says are a “significant” number of Apple customers are complaining that their iPhones or iPads are crashing when they try to install iOS 9. Apparently many very unhappy iPhone and iPad owners were complaining on Twitter and other social media about two faults...
  12. Maura

    iOS 8 Adoption Reaches 87%

    MacRumors reports that Apple has just published new figures about the uptake of iOS 8 on its App Store developer page, just before the launch of iOS 9 later today. According to Apple’s figures, iOS 8 has now been installed on 87% of user's devices, which is a little slower than iOS 7, which...